ATMEL is a subsidiary of MICROCHIP Corporation. ATMEL Aerospace remains the strategic space supplier of the European market, focused on the digital and mixed mode space market segments. E.g. CSP (ASIC) and ASSP (MPU,MCU). ATMEL Aerospace guarantees that all the product and services have the label of European origin.

ATMEL Aerospace product line, located in Nantes and Rousset, France, is a leader in Radiation Hardened By Design VLSI solutions for space highly integrated radiation hardened systems. Its portfolio of space products encompasses, but is not limited to, Memories (SRAM, FIFO, DPRAM and EEPROM), ASICs (0.5µm, 0.35µm, 180nm, 150nm, 65nm technologies), SEU hardened SRAM based reprogrammable FPGAs, powerful SPARC processors and DSP, AVR and ARM based MPU / MCU. ATMEL specify its packaging solutions: LGA @ CGA (up to 256, 472, 625, 896, 1024, 1752 pins), MQFT up to 352 pins, flipchip. ATMEL gives access to a fully qualified space supply chain from library, design flows, wafer processing and sorting, assembly, final test and radiation test.

ATMEL is complying or certified to ESCC, QML and ISO/TS quality standards.